Schattenspiel happily presented its first collection entitled “Kind of new”.  
A collaboration between several generations, cities and artistic styles in the
beautiful former rope factory just behind Zurich Bellevue. 

The collection is inspired by our time spent in New York characterized by different garment techniques such as Swiss knitwear, embroidery and luxury fabrics like Italian silk and wool. The specific colors are based on the vivid colors of New York City rooftop sunsets, combined with unique cuts and patterns inspired by the free-spirit mentality of its Jazz scene. 

Jazz, in fact, is not – and never has been – an entirely composed, predetermined music, nor is it an entirely extemporized one.
For almost all of its history,it has employed creative approaches in varying points and endless permutations. And yet, despite this, jazz seems to be instantly recognized and distinguished as something separate from all other forms of musical expression.

This is what Schattenspiel is aiming for to achieve through its garments, to create a new zeitgeist with respect to heritage and future. Clothes made out of different forms, combined in an improvised approach
with a unique form of beauty. 

By taking inspiration from the jazz culture and the creations of the renowned Swiss graphic designer Niklaus Troxler, we tried to bridge two seemingly separate sources of inspirations to create one sharply refined esthetic vision.

We took a conscious decision to take a step back and recreate a timeless sense of beauty in this fast-paced fashion industry – a garment to withstand the trials of time.

Albeit drawing references from the past, we wanted to create clothes for a new future. A future in which the people who appreciate our clothes stand united through a shared mentality, rather than a look or age. Our intention is to transcend generational boundaries, mindsets, and characters.

We are confident to have captured this mentality in our creative outlook after intense reflection on our multi-cultural world. Because just like jazz, that is a personal reflection of the emotions and experiences created by musicians, we were drawn to clothes to ultimately express the same.

To translate complex information into a non-complex format.

Thanks to everyone involved in this collection.
Zurich - Willisau - New York


Emanuel, Ejra & Ryan